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A Farm in Your Kitchen
From seeding to eating in less than 2 weeks!

Grows greens all year round
Fresh organic vegetables full of vitamins and minerals
An easy and fun activity

Kids love to watch the seedlings grow and learn where our food comes from

Feed your Family home growing kit: $25

  • one perforated 10’’ x 20’’ plastic tray
  • two solid 10’’ x 20’’ plastic trays, one as a drip tray, one as a dome
  • two bags of seed starter soil mix
  • up to 4 different seeds for two growing cycles
  • spray bottle
  • detailed growing instructions

Tiny Home growing kit: $10

4×5 kits:

  • one solid, one perforated 4×5 tray
  • broccoli, sunflower, pea, mild radish, spicy salad mix, for 5 growing cycles
  • detailed growing instruction

Purchase a kit for growing your own greens once every two weeks, or set up multiple trays and plant every few days for continuous harvest.

We will supply extra soil and microgreen seeds at a low price.