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We have Fuyu persimmon trees for sale

Persimmon trees are easy to grow, they require no spraying and minimal care. Fuyu persimmons are ready to eat even when hard, no need to wait until they become soft. They contain lots of Vitamin C and other nutrients. As a bonus, persimmon leaves make a wonderful caffeine free tea with a taste that is similar to green tea.


Sweet Retreat Orchard is a holistic pick-your-own farm in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We grow Oriental persimmons, jujubes, blueberries, blackberries, bush cherries, haskap berries, and mulberries, and we have various dried leaves to make caffeine-free teas.


We also produce a variety of microgreens and offer home growing kits and supplies.


Our ten-acre orchard is within the Eno River watershed, so it is very important for us to use only ecologically sound practices. We have our own well, an extensive drip irrigation system, rechargeable vehicles, and a 2.2 kW photovoltaic system, which produces enough electricity to cover our farming needs. There is a 240V electric vehicle charging station and two 120V outlets for public use.


Share our harvest, watch us grow!

Hope to see you at our Sweet Retreat Orchard.

Anikó and Phil